Studying abroad 

In recent years, studying abroad has been popular.It’s no surprise for everybody to go abroad. As you go abroad, you may study in a brilliant study environment of language and it will be good for our language-learning. From there, you can learn lots of things that you never know before. These will be valuable for you when you are able to work and live in the real world. Besides, you will be able to learn the future technology in other countries. You can also communicate with people in different nationality and learn the different cultures in different people.

But going abroad maybe is hard for you because of the young-aged. You might be weak in living alone. And you may feel lonely and homesick when you do not well for something. The most important point is about the fee. It’s particular high for most family.

In my opinion, going abroad is good for us. It can make us more knowledgeable and feel the life is full of power and challenge. It should be an aim to fight about!

Sam Lu

October 15, 2016